At Prjct Wrks we believe in servicing not only our clients, but also in building a better, more sustainable world. This is the reason why we partnered with Unicef’s Plastic Brick Program. This program combines building, recycling waste and education for a better future for the children of Western Africa. 

A Brick for a sustainable future:

PRJCT WRKS is committed to a better future by supporting the 'Plastic Bricks' project.With every project PRJCT WRKS finishes a small amount will go to UNICEF. This will help recycle plastic waste into building blocks for classrooms in Ivory Coast, supporting women and giving children access to better education.

What does UNICEF do:

UNICEF'S factory buys the plastic waste directly from the women and processes it into building blocks. Through collaborations with partners and sustainable solutions, UNICEF offers women and youth in Côte d'Ivoire hope for the future. UNICEF trains mothers and youth in the collection, safe storage and disposal of plastic waste. At their recycling plant, they buy the plastic waste directly from the women for a fair price. The plant processes the plastic waste into building blocks, which are used to build new classrooms.