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Project Management

Project Management is a crucial task and is the link between all stakeholders. Designers, architects, contractors and clients all need to be aligned to make the objective realistic and achievable.

Through thorough preparation, clear planning, topline and detailed budgets and both pro-active and reactive communication we make sure the project gets done.

We have the ability to review and assess concepts, contracts, designs, production processes, procedures and procurements. We will point out problems or conflicts and act in a responsible manner by acting with a positive effect for the execution and implementation of the project for the client.

We believe that Project Management is the function that actually drives the project from start to finish, controlling not only budgets, planning and quality. We also believe that communication is the first and foremost task and objective of the project manager.


If you want to produce 150 identical high quality fixtures, a full concept range or a unique one-off,  Prjct Wrks has an extensive global network of manufacturers.

We will guide you through the maze of going from design to sampling, engineering, proto-typing,  mock ups, production, quality checking, packaging and delivery on a global level.

We understand that our clients have the need for sustainable partners locally that fully take the clients global policies on board. Through rigorous checking and auditing we can assure you that these processes are managed with the utmost integrity and independence.

This is why we also offer our global clients the service to source, procure, produce the deliverables at a local level.


Companies get stuck, plans get stopped, designs get thrown away because companies do not know how to go from the 2D visual or the 3D model to implementing and executing the great ideas you have.

Prjct Wrks can help you get from idea to actual realization, implementing tailored processes for your needs. Connecting the dots internally to make sure companies are ready for opening more doors in an effective and affordable way.


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