Our scope

  1. Initiation

    Planning, cost estimation and budgeting

  2. Design

    Ability to guide or make and sign off designs and lay outs from brand, investment and local requirement POV

  3. Planning

    Set a timeline for all stakeholders with hard set deadlines, following up and following through

  4. Budgetting

    Ensuring investments are clear for commercial feasibility. Informing client transparently during project process.

  5. Brand standards

    Always meeting brand standards in design, quality, planning, communication and investment

  6. Procurement

    Procuring all relevant project items, services and contracts

  7. Validation

    Validate quotations, cost analyses, budget checking and signing off

  8. Documentation

    Ensuring all project documentation is checked, validated, up to date and distributed

  9. Information

    Provide all relevant parties with design change information, planning changes and financial implications

  10. Communication

    Taking care of all project communication and client communication with all stakeholders

  11. Representation

    Represent brand or client in construction or production process on concept and quality level

  12. Site audit

    Regular site visits and site audit reports to assess if all is done according to brand policies and local legislation

  13. Representation

    Project progress reports with clear updates

  14. Quality

    Constantly controlling quality and developing process to increase quality

  15. Formalities

    Leading formal hand-overs and representing brands interest