Our customers

Michael Rossi

Michael Rossi – Store Development Director @ Tommy Hilfiger Asia-Pacific, Hong Kong

“Although the vowels might be missing in PRJCT WRKS – their experience, tenacious detailing and personable approach will ensure optimum delivery of your prOjEct(s)  …… and you will still have budget left over to buy a vowel“

Oleg Tsai – Managing Director @ Under Armour, Moscow

“I worked with PRJCTWRKS when I was in charge of Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein business in Russia. During whole time of our cooperation with Bas and his Company proven as world class professionals in store development, project management and post-construction service. Due to international experience PRJCT WRKS has reach library of best practices which are effectively being used in Russia. All the projects which we developed with PRJCTS WRKS were delivered in high standard and on-time. I recommend PRJCTWRKS as reliable and professional partner in store development.”

Oleg Tsai
Chris Swann

Chris Swann – Snr Architect @ the RPA Group, London

“I have had the fortune to work with PRJCT WRKS on a number of retail projects all over Europe, The Middle East and Asia for the past 7 years. PRJCT WRKS is a very professional, they have a very positive, personable and relaxed style, always able to create strong professional relationships with both clients & consultants. Because of this their projects run smoothly. PRJCT WRKS has a wealth of experience in retail sector which enables them to tackle the most difficult store delivery and on-site challenges with ease. It is a pleasure working alongside Bas and his team”

Grigory Rayak – Owner and Managing Director @Tulon, St Petersburg

“Within my 15 years experience of building different retail stores with different brands I came to appreciate one thing above all others in people that I work with – that is attention to details. For me it is the bigger part of being a professional project manager or a professional architect. Taking into account all tiny and not so tiny details that in the end will make the difference between an average looking store and a fantastic looking store – that’s exactly what makes working with Prjct Wrks so smooth and easy for me. On top of that they can also be a great team-players.

Bas has vast experience in what he does and he loves his job. Bas, it has been a great pleasure to work with you all these years! “

Grigory Rayak
Richard Shamoolian

Richard Shamooilian – Partner @ Kings Arch, Los Angeles

“Bas was the project manager on the build out of a building I own in Beverly Hills, he was an absolute pleasure to work with. I was extremely impressed with his skill set, honesty, and most of all his precise work. It would be an absolute pleasure to work with him again, I recommend him highly”