PRJCT WRKS specializes in the implementation of interior concepts and design for both Retail and Office environments.

Project management

Project Management is an omissible task and link between all stakeholders. Designers, architects, contractors and clients all need to be aligned. According to Prjct Wrks the project manager ties all the specialists together to make the objective realistic and achievable. Project Management is the function that actually drives the projects from start to finish, controlling not only budgets, planning and quality, but first and foremost communication is the main task and objective of the project manager.


Deadlines are concrete, yet a planning is organic. A planning is a guideline to ensure we are all doing what we should be doing at any given time within a project. As the planning administrator Prjct Wrks feels the responsibility to not only create a planning but actually follow up on it, we ensure all stakeholders are informed about any changes. We are well aware of the fact that in production and construction processes challenges come in all shapes and sizes. Constantly updating and communicating the planning and negotiating out of the box with all contractors the deadline of a door opening will remain concrete.


A budget sheet never shows you why prices differ. At Prjct Wrks we believe that budgets need to be clear, open and transparent. Commercial feasibility is the most important reason for all stakeholder to commence on the endeavour of a project process. The project manager needs to know which amount will be invested. Then the PM will estimate the budget of the actual project according to the scope. This functions as the so-called Feasibility Check. Once this is approved the purchasing process kicks off and the PM controls the budget with several measuring points, the First Hit budget and the Procurement Budget. The differences in numbers is always stated clearly in the budget sheet. After the door opens and all contractors have handed over the Actual Budget will tell you what the project has cost. Obviously, this will all be communicated in clear budget overviews.


Quality control in rolling out concepts is highly valuable as a brand needs to keep it identity not only from a design pov but also from a quality pov. Whether it be in production processes or construction we have a 0 Defects policy in all our projects. We achieve this by doing regular site visits, pro-actively requesting site reports and initiating pre-hand-overs.


Communication is not only our most important tool, it’s the most important task within a project management process. Due to our experience and proven track record of opening retail stores in 5 continents we understand that communication comes in all sorts and forms. We pride ourselves in our Cross-Cultural awareness without losing site of the objectives of our clients where ever they come from.

Production and Manufacturing

If you want to produce 150 identical high quality fixtures, a full concept range or a unique one-off; Prjct Wrks has an extensive global network of fixture manufacturers. We can guide you through the maze of design, samples, engineering, mock ups, production, quality checking, packaging and deliveries.

Procurement, Sourcing & Contract Management

When your company is not specialized in procuring services or tangibles for interior construction we can also offer these services. With a global network of designers, local architects, engineers, contractors, manufactures and installers that reaches all 5 continents Prjct Wrks can find a solution for all your procurement needs and manage the contracts for you.


Logistics is more than an A to B movement. Logistics is by far the most unpredicatable link in a project management process. We believe that by focussing on and strengthening this link expectations can be met. Prjct Wrks has an extensive network of reliable partners in warehousing, documentation, transport, expediting and custom brokerage.


Companies get stuck, plans get stopped, designs get thrown away because companies do not know how to go from the 2D visual or the 3D model to implementing and executing the great ideas you have. Prjct Wrks can consult you on ways to from idea to realization, implementing tailored processes for your needs. Connecting the dots internally to make sure companies are ready for opening more doors in an effective and affordable way.