We are PRJCT WRKS! A small and strong project management firm with a proven track record of project managing store development projects from individual construction to regional and gobal rollouts and factory production processes for brands as G-Star, Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger. We are a team of professionals with excellent social and motivational skills through the years of experience working in cross-cultural environments. We are decisive and to the point always looking for creative and effective solutions for all involved stakeholders. Our objective is pursuing the best possible quality within given planning and budget, while seeking to improve and develop procedures, designs and results.


Although small, we have a global presence through our extensive network of contractors, fixture manufacturers, engineers, designers and architects. We have executed store and office builds in 5 continents for several global brands. We are all highly trained in cross-cultural awareness and communications.


PRJCT WRKS is a project management firm that specializes in the implementation and execution of all sorts of interior design and concepts for both Retail as well as office environments on a global scale. You will not hear us say ‘No’ easily as we understand the urgency and significance of the objectives our clients set. We pride ourselves in on time and below budget deliveries. Formulating scope of works, setting hard deadlines, communicating with all stakeholders, managing expectations and taking in the lead within project processes, this is what disguingshes us from the rest.


Through thorough preparation, clear planning, topline and detailed budgets, pro-active and reactive communication we make sure the project gets done. We have the ability to review and assess; concepts, contracts, designs, production processes, procedures and procurements. Point out problems or conflicts and act in a responsible manner by acting with a positive effect for the execution and implementation of the project for the client. Through creative thinking we can practically solve any problem or issue within a project process.